About modelboard

About Modelboard:

Modelboard magazine is a platform that globally connects fashion and entertainment professionals and the upcoming talent in particular. Our focus is giving talent a place to build their personal brand, find the inspiration they so dearly need and give them a network of supporters they need to grow.

We do so by offering upcoming talent a place to publish their stories, inspiration and even more so a place to show the world how they solve the problems they encounter in their way to the top. Sharing information is KEY in the learning process towards success. All is powered by a growing editorial department that consists out of journalism interns giving them a place to learn and get the experience they need to lift off their careers.

I have not failed. I’ve just found 10000 ways that do not work – Thomas A Edison

When Thomas A. Edison was confronted by an investor about his failed attempts trying to latterly bring light into the life of all humans he said: “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Imagine what we could do if we do not have to fail 10000 times but give each other the opportunity to learn from one another.


Our mission:

Unify and strengthen the very base of the fashion industry, the professionals themselves.

Our vision:

Create a user-friendly interactive online platform that connects and combines the knowledge and experience of our users. But on a deeper level doing so in a way that respects and encourages our users to reach the highest potential. Inspiring the masses by staying true to their personal brand and values, giving new angles to look at and inspire in an open and compassionate way. Modelboard is clear, open minded, but most of all honest.


Who we are

More important as to what Modelboard is would be who Modelboard is. Meet our brand.

She is a woman of the world – a cosmopolitan who calls everywhere home. She is always on the move yet she is standing firmly with two feet on the ground. She has all the confidence in the world without even coming close to arrogance. Loved by many, hated by some. She doesn’t mind, because she is independent, her happiness comes from within. She knows and respects those who like her and those who do not. She never judges, instead she gives people other angles to make up their own mind. She leads by example, inspiring many by doing her thing. She is focused, loving and warm. She helps those who need it. But prefers to do so passively. Enabling others to grow and follow her lead on their own strength and from their own wisdom. In short…..

Modelboard is the most open-minded fashionista you will ever meet!”


Modelboard Office

Our sanctuary in the vibrant world of fashion. This is our home.
This section is not for the faint of heart.... Are you rebel enough?

Blogger Internship

Blogger Internship Do you love Fashion & Beauty? If so we’re looking for bloggers to join our web team!...

By Dunja / February 10, 2015

Journalism Internship

Journalism Internship Do you love Fashion & Beauty? If so, joining our web team as an intern may be...

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SR PHP Developer

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Inspiring Fashion Professionals

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Fashion Editor Internship

Fashion Editor Internship Do you love Fashion & Beauty? If so, joining our web team as an intern...

By Jennifer / October 22, 2014

Modelboard Academy

Always wanted to be a Fashion Journalist? Apply now!
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Out Of X

Here at Modelboard we are always looking for new, innovative people who inspire us in one way or another....

By Dunja / January 2, 2015

Maison PR

MaisonPR is the PR agency of choice when it comes to creating or consulting on strategic PR plans and implementing...

By Jennifer / October 28, 2014

Stravagante PR

Stravagante PR is a full service PR agency specialized in public relations for Fashion Labels, Lifestyle...

By Jerry / October 21, 2014


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So-PR Public relations & marketing are the main ingredients of So PR. And we happen to have the secret...

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Creativeorange is a young full service webdesign agency located in the picturesque city of Zwolle.

By Jennifer / July 31, 2014


Modelboard would not be running smoothly without a strong tech partner. In the coming 3 years we are planning...

By Jennifer / July 26, 2014

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