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Much like bringing a new design to life, bringing you modelboard magazine takes a huge team effort. From designers creating a pretty interface to our engineers building those ideas into a working system. But that all would not matter if we did not have a vast network of partners to distribute our system worldwide and to feed our hunger for news every day.

Modelboard aspires to be the GO TO place for all fashion and entertainment professionals spread over all continents on the globe. We would never be able to if we did not believe in our own product. Everything you see on this site is powered by the industry itself from the news which is delivered directly by the worlds major PR firms to the blogs written by the talented people in the industry. Modelboard is driven by social interaction and networking in the same way your world revolves around your network. Without this network our magazine would be an empty place on the web, the same goes for your own place in the world.

Ow, for all of you wondering what we do with the revenue we make….. We invest it in our systems and technology. Power growth so you can grow and develop innovative new technology for the industry. Magazine is not supposed to make us rich, it is there to make us happy.

Our Sponsors

Modelboard technical power is a combination and collaboration between our own tech team and a few major players in the global IT industry. We strongly believe in creating an environment that encourages innovation, puts new ideas to the test and helps to make them bigger better and bolder. This not only helps us grow and keeps our servers running smoothly. It powers our vision, enabling our industry to be united in an unprecedented way. We thank these partners for the trust they put in our mission, and for the innovation they sponsor to the industry.

PR Network

Modelboard offers PR agencies a place to freely publish the news for their clients, sharing our global readership to power their clients. We do so to give you the best news possible, boost upcoming brands and offer young talent an innovative way to be connected to a global audience. There is but one rule news needs to be news, informative and on point. If you wish to advertise, don’t worry we offer products for that too. Our editing and publishing team checks all items so only the best content is published, a guarantee that the items on modelboard are of high quality and reflect good on our brand, and on yours. Together we get the news out.

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